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Press Release
October 8, 2018  at 12:11:58
Submitted by David Smith Jr.
Double Points Night @ I-37 Speedway by R&M Promotions, 10/6/18

1) IMCA Modified winner Cody Leonard

2) Sport Modified winner Lawrence Mikulencak

3) Limited Late Model winner Cody Leonard

4) Street Stock winner Wade Jones

5) Pure Stock winner Allen Torres

6) Sport Compact winner Jamie Garner

7) Dwarf Car Racing Series of Texas winner Dylan Budnik

8) Senior Division Go-Kart winner Ryker Hernandez

9) Junior Division Go-Kart winner Gage Urbanovsky

10) Youth Division Go-Kart winner Levi McDonald



Double Points Night @ I-37 Speedway by R&M Promotions, 10/6/18

By JM Hallas

Go-Kart photo credit; Rachel Plant “Picture Taker”


Pleasanton, TX.(Oct. 6th, 2018)

As the season winds down for the local classes every race becomes important with the championship on the line. After suffering through several rain outs that feel like its been another off-season, I-37 Speedway hosted a double points night to make up some slack and give racers the opportunity to catch up on lost races and points


In the IMCA Modifieds Rick Green, the new track champion, heads the group over defending track champ Talon Minten with Bill Pittaway, Dillon Tindall and Don Banker in the top five. The Sport Modifieds show Johnny Torres out front, Cody Leonard, the Minten brothers, Robby and Talon, with Eddy Ross fifth.


Wade Jones looks to add another track championship in Street Stock trailed by Lynn Fox, Mike Lyon, Shawn Moore and Dennis Hilla. The Pure Stocks show former Sport Compact champ, Robert Kelm only 5 ahead of Williams Saunders along with Daniel Preston, Caitlin Leonard and Jarrett Payton in the top five.


The Sport Compacts is even tighter with rookie Kasey Krauss 2 markers up on Trevor Bettis and Kirk Ball, while GB Carter is closing quickly at 18 points back and Jamie Garner 30 back. The Limited Late Models, have former track champ Trey Votion in the lead ahead of Cody Leonard, Quentin Henderson, Jason Kelly and Howie Marcx.


**Points totals are before dropping one race.


It was a crazy night in some classes with some drivers a little rusty from the long lay off. In other classes it was business as usual as drivers were still in potential championship form. Even the tech pad was active finding some infractions in the top cars.


Flag to Flag for Leonard

Cody Leonard(Corpus Christi) jumped out front of Rick Green, Jamie Campbell, Robert Liese and Mike Morris on the start and that was all he needed on the wire to wire win in the IMCA Modified main. Talon Minten fell back at the start, but rebounded back towards the front.


The race was slowed near midway for a string of cautions with Leonard, Green, Minten, Ryan Doyon and Landon Bednarz in the top five. Logan Dinsmore, making his Modified debut, swapped fifth with Campbell at one point while Leonard built a good lead. At the checkers it was Leonard in the Coastal Diesel, CD Electric, KR Compressors, Swenson Racing Shocks, Ace Transmission, Wells Racing Engines, Shaw Chassis.


“Racing the Late Model before really helped get my line down.” explained Leonard. “We made a few bar changes on practice night that Kevin Shaw recommended and it made the car drive a whole lot better and tamed it down.”


“I found a line on the bottom right next to the tires in 1 and 2 that helped me work around the ruts and kept the car on the ground in the moisture. (Turns)3 and 4 was to rough on my car on the bottom so I had to run in the slick up top and keep it straight.”


Simpson Racing Products IMCA Modifieds
12 Cody Leonard, 82 Rick Green, 14t Talon Minten, 29 Jamie Campbell, 5r Ryan Doyon, 8g Logan Dinsmore, 16 Landon Bednarz, 55 Mike Morris, 77


IMCA Modified heat
Heat 1; 12 Cody Leonard, 82 Rick Green, 14t Talon Minten, 29 Jamie Campbell, 5r Ryan Doyon, 77 Robert Liese jr., 16 Landon Bednarz, 8g Logan Dinsmore, 55 Mike Morris


Lucky Lawrence Scores Sport Mod Money

The Sport Modified feature not only saw a good battle up front, but a mistake in the final corner would see Lawrence Mikulencak(Corpus Christi) go home with the hardware. As the green waved it was Cody Leonard, Mikulencak and Eddy Ross three wide in turn 2 for the lead. But contact between Chris Swenson, Robby Minten and JJ Jennings caused a stack up that saw Joe Aramendia, with nowhere to go, rear ending Jennings.


On the next start it was three wide again, but this time Ross led lap 1 with Mikulencak and Leonard side by side for second. Both moved in on Ross going three abreast on lap 2 and Leonard getting the point on lap 3. Johnny Torres and Steve Whiteaker quickly moved up to join the lead group. At halfway it was Leonard, Mikulencak, Torres, Whiteaker and Ross in the top five.


An on-track altercation between Tom Grothues and Scott Talley brought out not only the yellow, but black flag as well. On the restart, Mikulencak got along side Leonard for the lead. Leonard, in the middle, was able to hang on as Mikulencak tried the low side. Mikulencak was able to get the nose out front on lap 15. After caution for Chris Siebert tagging the front stretch wall, the lead duo were back it.


Behind them, Talon Minten had moved up to battle with Torres for third. Leonard was able to get back out front on lap 18 as the middle proved the better line. The white waved with Leonard holding a car length ahead, but in turns 3-4 Leonard 1/2 spun and got clipped by T. Minten. This gave Mikulencak, in the Ace Transmission, All in Designs, Swenson Racing Shocks, Randy Youngs Auto Repair, IRP Chassis an opening to snag the victory.


“I got lucky tonight!” commented Mikulencak. “I've lost a few that way and finally won one back. I lost one earlier this year when the lower radiator hose came off and Cody won. I was glad to get one back. He probably didn't know he got away from me and was trying too hard. I made a mistake and let him get out there a few car lengths. Then got into a battle just trying to hang on the second.”


“I'm getting a little old for that three wide stuff. I packed my right rear full off mud and was concerned about shaking my car apart. I've been beat by Johnny(Torres) and Stevie(Whiteaker) enough before that I don't get too concerned where they are. This is the seventh night on this new IRP. I've run six heats and won every one.”


“All race long Lawrence and I were racing hard side by side and a few cautions kept it interesting.” added runner-up Leonard. “I started driving harder on the top and was able to drive around him, I couldn’t tell how far back he was and thought he was right there with me. So the last corner I figured I’d run it in on the bottom and prevent a slider since I thought he was right there with me. Just kinda over compensated for the ruts and moisture and the car got away from me.”


Swenson Racing Products Sport Modifieds

87 Lawrence Mikulencak, 66 Johnny Torres, 12 Cody Leonard, 89c Steve Whiteaker jr., 2 Talon Minten, 41t John Heil, bd3 Eddy Ross, bd2 Jared Maupin, 24r Robby Minten, 30 Chris Swenson, 31 Chase Havely, 86 Dillon Tindall, 24 Jim Blevins, 53x Matt Fox, 512 Chris Siebert, 28 Scott Talley---bf unsportmanlike, 11 Tom Grothues---bf unsportsmanlike, 5r Ryan Doyon, 26g JJ Jennings, L87 Joe Aramendia, bd4 Cheryl Gray---dns, 84f Dude Farris---dns


Sport Mod heats
Heat 1; bd3 Eddy Ross, 66 Johnny Torres, 24r Robby Minten, bd2 Jared Maupin, 86 Dillon Tindall, 512 Chris Siebert, 53x Matt Fox---dntg, 84f Dude Farris---dntg


Heat 2; 12 Cody Leonard, 30 Chris Swenson, 26g JJ Jennings, L87 Joe Aramendia, 41t John Heil, 24 Jim Blevins, 28 Scott Talley


Heat 3; 87 Lawrence Mikulencak, 5r Ryan Doyon, 89c Steve Whiteaker jr., 2 Talon Minten, 31 Chase Havely, 11 Tom Grothues, bd4 Cheryl Gray



Leonard Lands Win #2 for Night

Cody Leonard took a second flag to flag victory for the night, this time in the Limited Late Models. Leonard got the lead on lap 1 trailed by Trey Votion, Jason Kelly, John Kelly sr. and John Owens. The field quickly separated out as Leonard eased away on the top side.


Votion was able to close the gap as the race wound down while Jn. Kelly took third from Ja. Kelly and Howie Marcx got fifth from Owens. Leonard cruised to the win in the Dan Schroat owned, KR Compressors, Longs Racing Engines powered, Walt Clark Chassis as Votion never got close enough for a serious challenged.


“The car felt good, the changes we made the past weekend have really awakened the car and helped with drive off. I knew the bottom would be quicker if I could get through the ruts and keep it in the moisture. The big tires helped tremendously with going through them. I was waiting for Trey to peek a nose somewhere, he’s fast and consistent.”


Nogalitos Gear Limited Late Models
5 Cody Leonard, 99 Trey Votion, 57sr John Kelly sr., 13 Howie Marcx, 15 John Ownes, 57 Jason Kelly, 95 Jerry Jones---dns


Limited Late Model heat
Heat 1; 5 Cody Leonard, 99 Trey Votion, 57sr John Kelly sr., 57 Jason Kelly, 13 Howie Marcx, 15 John Owens, 95 Jerry Jones


Jones Jousts with Trigg in Late Finish

It looked like it would be another easy win for multi-time track champ Wade Jones(Jourdanton) in the street Stock feature. As Jones pulled away there was a battle between Chuck Barber, Mike Lyon and Aaron Leddy for second going three wide at one point. By halfway Jones built a big lead over Lyon, Leddy, Barber and Lynn Fox, with Mike Trigg up to sixth from last after arriving late and tagging the tail.


As the race wound down, Leddy began having trouble spinning twice, the second time in front of the leader for caution that erased Jones' huge lead. On the restart, Trigg made a move from fourth to second and began pressuring Jones. Trigg said 'hello' once in turn 3, but Jones in the Opiela Mechanical, SABFI Transportation, Mission Auto Parts, Camaro held on the last lap for the victory.


“We changed a few things on the car,” explained Jones. “Everything worked out pretty good. I knew (Mike) Trigg was going to be there. He's always tough competition. I was kind of shocked when I heard he was running third or fourth on that late caution. Within ¾ of a lap he was there. Luckily it was pretty rough on the bottom. I knew if I could stay as low as the track was ok that I didn't think he could get by on the bottom.”


“He touched me a little bit. We go back and forth. It's racing. We've had our share of incidents that went further than we both expected. It's racing, it's fun. It's always going to be about racing and having a good time.”


“I didn't know it was double points tonight. Robbie(Opiela) keeps up with all that. She says we're in pretty good shape, leading comfortably. I look at my sons points more than mine. My grandpa does all the work on the car for us, I really have to thank him too.”


SABFI Transportation Street Stock
41 Wade Jones, 4t Mike Trigg, 20 Mike Lyon, 1 Chuck Barber, 14 Lynn Fox, 77 Chris Shafer, 36 Aaron Leddy, 37 AJ Wernette, 18 Shawn Moore, 8 Jacob Crow, 2x Dennis Hilla, 17e Jerry Evans, 28 Clint Montanio, 67 Joe Boop


Street Stock heats
Heat 1; 20 Mike Lyon, 41 Wade Jones, 14 Lynn Fox, 37 AJ Wernette, 17e Jerry Evans, 28 Clint Montanio, 8 Jacob Crow


Heat 2; 36 Aaron Leddy, 1 Chuck Barber, 67 Joe Boop, 18 Shawn Moore, 2x Dennis Hilla, 77 Rick Shafer


Torres Tops After Tricky Tech

The tech pad proved tricky once again as Allen Torres, who crossed the line first, had an issue with rear percentage. After a look in the rule book, Al. Torres was able to scrape off the accumulated mud and rescale, this time passing, taking a win away from his brother Adam Torres.


On the initial start it was Jared Maupin grabbing the lead in turn 1, but in turns 3-4 Maupin rolled the right rear off the bead. Everyone was able to avoid Maupin's slowing car and the yellow set up a complete restart. The second start saw Al. Torres quickly get the top spot chased by Aaron Leddy, Ad. Torres, Daniel Preston and Michael Keylich.


As Al. Torres inched away, Leddy and Ad. Torres battled for second while Ben Mikulencak worked his way into the top five. After a quick yellow Leddy and Ad. Torres continued to swap second as Mikulencak was now along side Preston. At the crossed flags it was Al. Torres easing away from Ad. Torres, Leddy, Mikulencak and Preston.


As the laps clicked off, Robert Kelm made his way to the top five getting by Preston. As Al. Torres caught traffic, Mikulencak was taking third. Al. Torres had a comfortable lead as the white waved as he motored to the checkers unchallenged in the Allstate Gear, Allens 24/7 Towing, Destroyer-Eater, Chevy Nova.


All in Design Pure Stock

94 Allen Torres, 66 Adam Torres, 182 Ben Mikulencak, 48 Robert Kelm, 93 Aaron Leddy, 6 Daniel Preston, 9c Caitlin Leonard, 48c Martin Koehne, 44k Michael Keylich, 98 William Saunders, 88 Brandy Torres, 17 Casey Lowe, 68 Kenny Wright, 36z George Quintanilla, 33 Charles Earnhardt jr., 4d Dustin Hurley, 14 Trey Heald, 51p Jeremy Henandez, 15 William Cavender, 7x Janel Hilla, 9s Jarrett Payton, bd1 Jared Maupin


Pure Stock B-main(top 3 to A-main)
B-main 1; 17 Casey Lowe, 48c Martin Koehne, 7x Janel Duncan, 75 Jerry Miller, 25t Travis Slavik, 53 Treyler Caulfield, d68 Julio Reyes, 10 Scott Jerkins, 18 Emet Sevilla---dns


B-main 2; 36z George Quintanilla, 33 Charles Earnhardt jr., 14 Trey Heald, m13 Jeremy Watson, 51 Albert Medellin, 2x Zach Courtney---dns, w28 Joe Martin---dns, 97 James Aramendia jr---dns


Pure Stock heats(top 4 to a-main)
Heat 1; bd1 Jared Maupin, 44k Michael Keylich, 9c Caitlin Leonard, 48 Robert Kelm, 17 Casey Lowe, 7x Janel Duncan, 48c Martin Koehne, 25t Travis Slavik, 51 Albert Medellin


Heat 2; 93 Aaron Leddy, 182 Ben Mikulencak, 9s Jarrett Payton, 15 William Cavender, 36z George Quintanilla, 33 Charles Earnhardt jr., 14 Trey Heald, 97 James Aramendia jr.


Heat 3; 94 Allen Torres, 4d Dustin Hurley, 88 Brandy Torres, 98 William Saunders, 75 Jerry Miller, 53 Treyler Caulfield, d68 Julio Reyes, 10 Scott Jerkins


Heat 4; 66 Adam Torres, 6 Daniel Preston, 51p Jeremy Hernandez, 68 Kenny Wright, m13 Jeremy Watson, w28 Joe Martin, 2x Zach Courtney, 18 Emet Sevilla---dns


Garner Grabs Green After Tech

It was a drama filled Sport Compact feature that saw Trevor Bettis jump out front with Brandon McCall, Ronnie Schoenfeldt, Jamie Garner and Kirk Ball in pursuit. Bettis got some breathing room as Schoenfeldt and McCall ran side by side for second. The red waved on lap 7 after Loryn Noah went over the turn 4 hill and rolled over. She was alright after being checked out by EMS.


On the restart GB Carter got tagged by Ball and spun with Ball sent to the back. Up front McCall was now putting the heat on Bettis for the lead. McCall was able to get by on lap14 for the lead. As McCall caught much slower traffic, he moved Billy Cox out of the way, and got the black flag.


This put Bettis out front for the restart with Garner looking high on the restart. With no luck up top, Garner tried the low side on the last lap but it was Bettis holding him off at the line. In tech Bettis was found to have altered the strut mounts handing the win to Garner in the Austin VeeDub, Pick-n-Pull, Krystal Ball Communication, Up Top Roofing, VW Sirocco.


“This is an awfully strange way to make it to the Winners Circle,” replied Garner. “I'll take them any way they come at my age. I don't know exactly what happened with Trevor's(Bettis) car. I'm disappointed that he didn't win. He had a good race going. I'm glad to get a win, but he deserved it. He worked hard for it.”


“I'd like to thank Brown Chevrolet for sponsoring our class. Why else would you want get a new Chevrolet from anywhere else?”


“I think everyone was a bit impatient tonight, like they sat around watching the “Ro-val”


Brown Chevrolet Sport Compacts

33 Jamie Garner, 16 Ronnie Schoenfeldt, 23 Kasey Krauss, 38 Kirk Ball, 39 Roy Easler jr., 11b Colton Borlace, 14 Brandon McCall, 74 Arthur Olson, 30 Billy Cox, 6p Levi Hernandez, t15 Lee Reyes, 4 Ronnie Sparks, 7L Loryn Noah, 29 Mike Pearson, 57 Trevor Bettis---dq(tech),77 GB Carter---dq(tech)


Sport Compact heats
Heat 1; 16 Ronnie Schoenfeldt, 38 Kirk Ball, 77 GB Carter, 23 Kasey Krauss, 29 Mike Pearson, 4 Ronnie Sparks, 6p Levi Hernandez, 30 Billy Cox


Heat 2; 57 Trevor Bettis, 14 Brandon McCall, 33 Jamie Garner, 7L Loryn Noah, 39 Roy Easler jr., 11b Colton Borlace, t15 Lee Reyes, 74 Arthur Olson


Budnik Best in DCRST Bash

The Dwarf Car Racing Series of Texas had its share of twists and turns in the 20-lap feature. It started off with Dwain Groff, from row 2, getting out front in turn 2, but Kyle Yuchinski beat him back to the line with Brayden Becker, Colby Urbanovsky and Billy Groff in tow. Becker was able to get second from D. Groff with Urbanovsky, Dylan Budnik and Drew Simental three wide for fifth.


Becker was able to grab the lead from Yuchinski on lap 5 bringing Urbanovsky to second and Budnik to third while Ty Paxson who started out back cracked the top five. As Budnik moved by Yuchinski and was pressuring Becker for the lead, Paxson tried to go by Yuchinski and got spun bringing out a yellow.


After getting his spot back, Paxson got second from Budnik on the restart. He wasted little time taking the lead from Becker on lap 15. A series of late yellows set up a fight for the lead between Paxson and Becker. The two made contact with Paxson spinning and getting tagged by Rusty Young. Paxson exited his car in displeasure, drawing the black flag.This put Budnik out front the final laps for the win in the Sky Haulers, Mecedes Benz of Boerne car.


Dwarf Car Racing Series of Texas
25 Dylan Budnik, 45 Kyle Yuchinski, 37 Drew Simental, 1 Dillon Coyne, 84 Chris Silvas jr., 50 Jerry Book, 85 Chris Silvas sr., 42 Dwain Groff, 17 Brayden Becker, 88 Rusty Young, 15 Ty Paxson—bf unsportsmanlike, 30 Billy Groff, 96 Colby Urbanovsky


DCRST heats
Heat 1; 45 Kyle Yuchinski, 42 Dwain Groff, 84 Sammy Silvas, 50 Jerry Book, 30 Billy Groff, 85 Chris Silvas sr .


Heat 2; 96 Colby Urbanovsky, 17 Brayden Becker, 15 Ty Paxson, 25 Dylan Budnik, 1 Dillon Coyne, 88 Rusty Young, 37 Drew Simental


Russ Parker Construction Go-Karts

Senior Division: Ryker Hernandez, Hanna Miller, Charlie Flanagan


Junior Division: Gage Urbanovsky, Peyton Jones


Youth Division: Levi McDonald, Blaine Markgraf, Aubrie Moore, Berkley Keylich






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